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4 Pittsburgh Area Locations for Dental and Sedation Dentistry Services

Three Rivers Dental Group is Western Pennsylvania’s leader for sedation dentistry, offering the finest dental services available in the Pittsburgh area. Our dental professionals have been serving the needs of Western Pennsylvania for over 30 years, treating more than 100,000 patients with hometown quality care. Learn more about our dental and sedation treatment options available at any one of our 4 convenient Pittsburgh area dentistry offices located in Cranberry, Greensburg, Greentree, and Jennerstown.

Convenient Pittsburgh Area Dental Office Locations

Finding the best dentist in the Pittsburgh area is easy. Three Rivers Dental Group not only provides dental exams, x-rays and cleanings, we also provide quality dental services for patients interested in dentures, dental implants and sedation dentistry and have one location north of Pittsburgh for extractions, dentures, and dental implants. Our affordable dental services help patients get the dental services they need. We invite you to come and experience firsthand the superior dental care that keeps our patients coming back. Schedule an appointment today at any one of our Pittsburgh area locations.

Professional Dentistry Services

At Three Rivers Dental we care about dental confidence, healthy mouths, and clean teeth. We understand affordability is important when it comes to oral health. Three Rivers Dental is the affordable solution to all your dental needs. From regular teeth cleanings and dental exams, to dentures/partials, sedation dentistry, and dental implants, Three Rivers Dental offers professional dentistry services with the care you deserve. Our dentistry services include:

  • Sedation dentistry
  • Dentures and partials
  • Implants
  • Bridges and crowns
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental cleanings and gum therapy
  • Extractions and oral surgery
  • Mercury-free fillings
  • Nerve treatments
  • Periodontal services
  • Prompt emergency care. . . and more

Sedation Dentistry Services

Is fear or anxiety preventing you from visiting the dentist? You’re not alone. Dental anxiety keeps more than 50% of Americans from visiting their dentist regularly. Three Rivers Dental Group is focused on helping patients overcome their anxiety and get the dental care they need. Sedation dentistry is perfectly safe for patients in good health.

Before suggesting sedation, the dentists will assess your health and medical background, and if necessary, will seek advice from your primary care physician or a specialist for medical approval. Adhering to the standards set by the American Dental Association, the dentists and Anesthesia team prioritize patient health and well-being above all else.

When scheduling your dental appointment, discuss the level of fear or anxiety you typically experience during dental procedures with our Patient Services Coordinator to tailor an appropriate sedation plan for your visit based on your individual needs. Patients who are good candidates for sleep dentistry will be offered sedation options based on the type of appointment they have scheduled. Sedation can be used for everything from invasive procedures to a simple dental cleaning.

Whether visiting for a routine appointment, having a cavity filled, visiting for a denture fitting, or receiving more extensive treatment for an extraction, dental implant or treatment for trouble areas with teeth and gums, we can provide sleep dentistry recommendations for comforting dental visits. Prior to administering any sedative, our doctors will review your personal medical and dental history, and select the option best for you, including:

  • Oral Sedation
    Offered in pill form for minimal anxiety and pain relief, usually taken one hour before a dental procedure. Dosage fluctuates based on the dental procedure being delivered. Some patients may feel drowsy or fall asleep with this sedation type.
  • Inhaled Minimal Sedation
    Also known as laughing gas, inhaled minimal sedation helps dental patients relax. The calming effects of this sedation method wear off quickly following the dental procedure.
  • IV Moderate Sedation
    A fast-acting intravenous sedation method with adjustable levels administered by a dentist to help patients relax.

Finding the best dentist conveniently located in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is easy. Contact us today to learn more about our dental services and sedation treatment options available for sleep dentistry. We’re conveniently located throughout the Pittsburgh area in Greentree, Cranberry, Greensburg, and Jennerstown.