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Pain Relief Tips

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To alleviate tooth pain and toothaches, follow these pain relief tips: *

Gently floss in between the sore tooth to remove any food debris or particles that may be lodged there.

Gently rinse your mouth out with warm saltwater.

Purchase an over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen (do not give children under the age of 2 ibuprofen) and take according to directions on the package.

Apply oil of cloves or an over-the-counter benzocaine product directly onto the gums or tooth. Both of these act as a numbing agent to temporarily relieve pain. (Never place anything else such as aspirin or other pain relievers near the tooth as they can cause the gum tissue to burn.)

A cold compress can be applied to the facial area if trauma has occurred to reduce pain and swelling.

* If you have suffered a traumatic injury, experience bleeding or any head/facial injury, go directly to the emergency room.

Please keep in mind these tips are not substitutes for professional care.

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