“Dr. Larry Rudolph,

             I was raised in the 50’s, we did not visit the dentist unless there was a problem.  We didn’t have the fluoride, only drank milk, water and occasionally juice.  My first visit to the dentist was a tooth removal with nothing to deaden the pain, thus a traumatic affair for a 5 year old, and nearly a lifetime.

            As a military wife in the late 60’s, we were not provided with dental care, out budget unfortunately did not either.  When our children came along we did what we could to ensure they had good dental care.  Today they have beautiful teeth.

            Although I did what I could to care for my teeth, being intimidated by my fears and not having enough money, complicated by medication for osteoporosis, I had to lose my upper teeth.

            I am, and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Fammartino for the compassionate understanding care I have been given.  He showed he genuinely cared about me.  I feel very blessed to have found him, Yvonne, MaryAnn, and the others at Three Rivers Dental.  The practice is appropriately named, as it does send our fears far away down the river!

            I no longer have that overwhelming anxiety.  And no one will ever know how truly blessed I feel to for the first time in my life I have “pretty teeth.”

            Thank you, your staff and especially Dr. Fammartino for helping me climb one of the largest mountains of my life.

            It’s very meaningful to come to a practice where the people care.  God bless.

Love always,

Susan K.”

–Susan K.

“Everyone was so nice and first time in my life I didn’t have to have high anxiety and be afraid to go to dentist! I would highly recommend.”

–Jessica, Cranberry, PA

“Absolutely amazing and quick service! I got my cleaning done on the same day as my first appt!!!! I went in and told them what i thought was wrong…. found out that i didn’t have as major a problem as I thought! I also asked for a recommendation for an implant and the dentist was super nice and explained everything to me and gave me many many options, and he was very very kind!!! I used to be afraid of just the cleanings, and i can say that this is the first office and dentist that i am not afraid of!!! Addition: i went in scared, i took the medication and the laughing gas….got my dental implant done with NO PAIN! THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!… i was treated with so much respect and i felt like i was the most valuable patient!”

–Shelby, Greensburg, PA

Michelle, Cranberry, PA

“I have been coming to Three Rivers for quite some time now, never have I gotten such great treatment by all the staff and the warmest welcome at any other dentist. Dr. Ana Rudolph has been taking care of me since the beginning and she is truly amazing and great at what she does my teeth have never been better! Thank you!”

Alex Kunstadter, Cranberry, PA

“My experience at Three Rivers Dental Group was nothing less than absolutely spectacular. Dr. Ana and her staff were very friendly and made me feel right at home. I never thought I would actually look forward to going to my future dentist appointment!”

–Regina, Cranberry, PA

“I have been nothing but pleased with Three Rivers Dental. I have been to two out of the three locations and I would highly recommend Dr. Ana Rudolph. I initially went in for my yearly checkup and sadly had two root canals. But under the care of Dr. Ana Rudolph, my procedures couldn’t have went better. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, not to mention the office is very stunning and clean. Dr. Ana is a perfectionist when it came to fixing my teeth! She took her time, talked me through the procedures, and made me feel at ease the entire visit. She even provided her cell phone if I had any after hour’s emergencies! She really goes above and beyond for her patients. She also has a passion for fillers and Botox! I felt so comfortable with Dr. Ana fixing my teeth that we proceeded to make my smile even more beautiful with lip fillers! If you are looking for a professional, accommodating, and knowledgeable staff, Three Rivers Dental is for you!”

–Monica, Cranberry, PA

“I’m extremely pleased with Dr. Rudolph and her staff. Dr. Rudolph went above and beyond to assist me and this is not something we see all the time. They truly care about their patients. I highly recommend this place.”

–Daniela, Cranberry, PA

“I think this practice is the absolute BEST that I’ve been too. No judgement and I actually felt like I was listened to. The are very efficient and little to no wait time so they are not double and triple booking!”

 –Deborah, Greensburg, PA

“I’ve been going to Three Rivers Dental for years (the Greentree location) and have always had a good experience. Today was the first time I went to the Cranberry location, and the experience was everything I had come to expect from Three Rivers Dental. The facilities were clean, the equipment was new and the staff were all very friendly.”

–Lois, Greentree, PA

“Fantastic understanding care. Very very understanding and helpful with my anxiety.”

–Allen, PA

“I have been treated so fantastically!!! I am no longer afraid to go to the office- everyone is so kind and understanding of my real fears!! And my teeth look phenomenal!! Can’t thank them enough!!”

–Dawnetta, PA

“I would recommend the Greensburg office and Dr. Erin Knizer every day of the week and twice on Sundays. They are an amazing group of people that answer questions and genuinely make you feel like you are the most important person in the office when they are with you.”

–Leslie, Vanderbilt, PA

“I hadn’t been to the Dentist in 20+ years due to extreme fear and chose Three Rivers Dental for the Sedation Dentistry. I had 20+ years of work done with no sights or sounds.”

–Tessie, Apollo, PA

“I was happy to find the office located in Greentree! Everyone was professionally outstanding and I’m very happy to be back.”

–Donna, Pittsburgh, PA

“I have been putting this off for years. Now that I know your practice, I’ll be sure to let people know not to wait. You are true to your word. Painless care and awesome staff.”

–Thomas, Greensburg, PA

“My visit was very positive. Everyone was very professional and extremely nice.”

–Joy, Somerset, PA

“Very pleased. Staff were wonderful, and Dr. Fammartino did a excellent job!”

–Kristin, Prospect, PA