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Starting at $549 for immediate dentures

Three Rivers Dental is the proud provider of Comfy Fit Premium, Flexi Fit Partial Dentures, and Snap Fit Dentures. We offer 8 styles of full and partial dentures to assure you a wide range of comfortable and affordable denture options.

"I have been treated so fantastically! I am no longer afraid to go to the office - everyone is so kind and understanding of my real fears! And my teeth look phenomenal! Can’t thank them enough!"

Dawnetta, PA

We realize that well-fitting dentures can restore your confidence and self esteem. Our dentures are custom-designed for each individual, taking into consideration not only the proper size and shape of teeth, but also the contours of your face and natural tissue. Our dentures are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure a natural look and comfortable fit. Whether you are a first time denture wearer or replacing your existing denture, we’ll design a beautiful new smile for you. Start living your life without limitations, and don’t settle for less.

flex fit partial dentures and comfy fit dentures

Dentures are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth. These artificial teeth can act as a replacement for one or several teeth (partial dentures) or all of the teeth (full dentures). Conventional dentures are removable but may rely on bonding or clamping.

At Three Rivers Dental, we customize each denture for every patient. We do not rush the process. The development process may take anywhere from 4-8 months depending on healing to ensure your custom perfect fit.

Here are the four steps to a new smile with dentures:

  1. A series of impressions of your jaw and measurements are taken to determine how your jaws relate to one another and to judge the amount of space that is between them.
  2. Models in the shape and position of the denture will be made. This will be the model you "try in." This model will be checked for color, shape, and fit.
  3. The approved denture will be cast.
  4.  Necessary adjustments can be made after completion.

Efficient denture care is the only way to ensure your dentures will last for their entire lifespan. Clean them regularly and keep them away from harmful substances with these tips:


  • Brush dentures nightly with a denture toothbrush.
  • Use toothpaste that is specially made for dentures.
  • Store dentures in warm water or denture solution whenever they are not being worn.


  • Use traditional toothpaste on dentures. It can scratch or stain the dentures.
  • Place dentures in hot or boiling water. It could cause them to warp.
  • Use denture adhesives to modify a bad fit. This can cause oral sores.
  • Use any product on or near dentures that does not have an American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.

Life with tooth loss can affect day-to-day tasks like speaking and chewing. Without a proper replacement, nutrient-deficits can occur as you may avoid important foods and your stomach may have a harder time breaking down foods as they haven't been chewed well enough.

Tooth-loss can also affect your self-esteem. When teeth aren't replaced, the face loses some of its underlying support, which can result in a sunken appearance. Plus, you may feel embarrassed to smile and laugh without teeth. This could lead to a lower quality of life. 

You deserve a smile as wonderful as you are. Don't settle for less. Schedule an appointment today.