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Dentures and Dental Implant Solutions for Diabetics

Learn more about dental care options for diabetics and how to determine if dentures or dental implants are the best treatment solution.

Temperature Sensitivity May Indicate Tooth Decay

Dental care solutions for temperature related sensitivities caused by tooth decay.

5 Pittsburgh Area Locations for Dental and Sedation Dentistry Services

Professional dental services and sedation dentistry with the care patients deserve offered at 5 convenient Pittsburgh area dental office locations.

Terrified of Dental Work? Try Sleep Dentistry and Sedation Options.

Our treatment plans and sedation dentistry solutions ensure patients are completely comfortable.

3 Health Benefits of Confident Smiles

Dental care plays an important role in healthy smiles, offering feel-good benefits of less stress, improved mood, and overall happiness.

Defeat Dentophobia with No Fear Sedation Dentistry

A fear of the dentist tops the reasons why many people delay necessary dental care or oral health treatments. Learn more about our sedation dentistry options for less stress and more comfort during dental visits.

4 Dental Improvements for Unmasking Healthy Smiles

Check out the top 4 dental improvements for unmasking a healthy smile.

Emerging Dental Technology for Early Detection of Periodontitis

Learn how emerging technology is helping dental professionals prevent periodontitis and dental damage caused by gum disease.

Secure a Permanent Smile with Dental Implants

Dental implants feel and function like natural teeth. Learn more about dental implant options available and how to secure a permanent smile for improved oral health.

Get Smiling Again with Dental Treatment, Dentures or Dental Implants

Address oral health issues and smile again with confidence by scheduling a dental evaluation with Three Rivers Dental Group.

ICAT Scans and Sedation Dentistry Options for Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

ICAT Scans help determine the cause of mouth pain. Sedation dentistry options are available to comfort patients receiving dental treatment for tooth pain and sensitivity.

Spring Cleaning Dental Hygiene Tips for a Confident Smile

Get off on the right foot with oral health and into an improved dental hygiene routine with these dental action steps for healthy teeth and gums.

High-Quality, Affordable Dental Services In Washington, Pennsylvania

Finding the best dentist in Washington, PA is easy. Three Rivers Dental Group not only provides dental exams, x-rays and cleanings, we also provide quality dental services for patients interested in dentures, dental implants and sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry, Special Offers and Affordable Dental Services

From regular cleanings to dentures and partials, sedation dentistry and dental implants, we offer professional dentistry services with the comfort and care patients deserve.

6 Foods to Eat for Healthy Teeth and Gums

What you eat can create a healthy smile. Eating high fiber, nutrient-rich foods with calcium, phosphorus and magnesium helps build strong teeth and healthy gums. Check out our top 6 favorite foods to indulge in for improved overall oral health.