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Our Patients Come First

At Three Rivers Dental Group, we want to assure you our patient’s health and safety is our first priority. We are taking extra safety precautions while actively monitoring the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.

Share Love, Not Germs

When it comes to dental health, sharing is not always caring. From offering kisses to transferring cups, utensils and teeth cleaning tools to one another, these natural actions are sharing more than we think.

Keeping Up With Oral Health As You Age

Older adults commonly experience dental issues as they age and are at risk for desensitized mouth nerves, tooth loss and oral side effects associated with the medications they take. This is why a regular dental care and oral hygiene routine is so important.

A Simple Oral Care Routine for Heart Health

Poor oral hygiene can not only damage the gums and teeth, it can negatively impact overall wellness and heart health. Here’s how proper oral care keeps a mouth healthy and heart safe.

Dental Health Resolutions for the New Year

It’s time to put dental health at the top of the new year's resolution list. Whether you resolve to keep up on a daily dental care routine or introduce new tools to use as part of your cleaning regime, there is plenty you can do to improve your overall oral health.

Good Dental Health Helps People Living with Diabetes

Our team at Three Rivers Dental Group is specially trained to help our patients maintain their dental health by providing the tools and knowledge necessary to manage and prevent oral complications associated with diabetes.

Implants or Dentures: What’s Right For You?

Is the best choice dentures or dental implants? At Three Rivers Dental Group, we proudly offer and support both options for optimal oral health.

Healthy Teeth for Halloween

Here at Three Rivers Dental, we’re here to help keep your teeth happy and healthy, even if some candy is enjoyed. While we can help with a cleaning or follow up dental care after sugar has affected oral health, we’d rather provide some tips & tricks to keep your teeth safe.

Gum Disease Linked to High Blood Pressure

Avoid gum disease and lower the risk of high blood pressure with a regular oral health routine. If you experience swollen gums or bleeding when brushing or flossing, contact us at Three Rivers Dental Group to schedule an appointment.

Myth Busters About Sedation Dentistry

Three Rivers Dental Group understands some patients are uneasy about dental procedures. For nearly 40 years we have focused on helping patients overcome their anxiety and get the dental care they need.

Is Vaping Damaging Your Teeth As Much As Cigarettes?

Vaping was initially introduced as a healthier alternative to cigarettes to help quit smoking. This might not be entirely accurate. According to new research emerging, vaping may be just as damaging to teeth as cigarettes.

Designing Dental Implants

Three Rivers Dental can create a custom dental implant solution to meet your unique needs. The initial exam and x-rays are free. If two or more implants are needed, the first implant is free.

What’s the Lifespan of Your Dentures?

Many Americans find themselves struggling with the loss of their teeth as they age. Dental implants might seem too expensive or invasive, and in that case, dentures are the perfect option. Three Rivers Dental is here to help.

Love Your Smile. Lose the Stains.

Eliminate stains sticking to teeth by visiting Three Rivers Dental regularly for professional cleaning, scaling or polishing to remove plaque and professional whitening treatments to keep your smile healthy and bright.


Whether it’s sitting in a reclined chair for what feels like hours, the sounds of the instruments used, the discomfort of some treatments. Three Rivers Dental Group is here to help you feel comfortable and relieve your worries.