PA Department of Health Ruling Regarding Dental Appointments

Are Dental Implants For You?

If you’re considering replacing missing teeth or if you have loose-fitting dentures, dental implants are the answer. Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth. Implants are designed to fuse with bone, so they become permanent. When using poor-fitted dentures, the teeth can slip within the mouth causing slurred words. Dental implants allow you to speak without the worry that teeth might slip. Implants are colored to match your existing teeth so they look very natural. The team at Three Rivers Dental Group has over 40 years of dental implant experience! Using precise technology, they have successfully placed and restored over 100,000 implants.

Three Rivers Dental is offering a multi-implant discount. When you have two or more implants, you get your first implant FREE! You can have amazing teeth in ONE day!

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