PA Department of Health Ruling Regarding Dental Appointments

Back to School Check-Ups

With the start of school just a few weeks away, it is time to start scheduling all your children’s appointments. “When people are beginning to do their pediatrician checks to make sure their kids are school-ready, make sure teeth are part of it,” says pediatric dentist and American Dental Association spokesperson Dr. Mary Hayes. Regular dental appointments are critical for a healthy mouth and clean teeth. Make your children’s check-ups a stress-free time by planning ahead and starting good habits at home.

Plan Ahead
Summer vacation always seems to fly by with cookouts and vacations. Before you know it the start of school is just around the corner and you’re scrambling to get in all your children’s appointments before the start of school.

Instead of having a stressful run August, plan your child’s dentist appointment early in the summer. Give yourself enough time to plan and schedule, and avoid the back to school rush. Schedule the appointment in early summer or a weekday that your know your family will be free (i.e. scheduling right after a family vacation before starting up work again is a good time to squeeze in an appointment, and is one more day off for you).

Additionally, scheduling appointments before meals makes sure their teeth will be clean and ready to go. But if you know your child gets moody when hungry, schedule the appointment right after lunch, and just have a thorough brush before. For infants and toddlers make sure to have nap time, so when your child gets to the appointment they are not fussy, but awake and happy.

Begin at Home
By encouraging good habits at home, the stop at the dentist office can go pretty quickly. Make sure your child is brushing at least twice daily and also flossing. Dental health is critical for children to keep strong teeth and to keep healthy. Additionally, this summer to combat heat and have healthy teeth, adding more water in their diets will keep teeth strong and clean, and doesn’t leave behind soda’s sugary contents.

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