PA Department of Health Ruling Regarding Dental Appointments

Case Study:

Patient 2

Replacing the patient’s entire top and bottom set of teeth.

The patient initially only opted for the replacement of his front teeth. After that procedure, he was so pleased with the outcome and the appearance of his implant restorations that, a short time after his treatment was concluded, he returned to have the surrounding teeth restored with BruxZir Esthetics as well. In the above photo, the teeth that had not been replaced in the first procedure are prepared for delivery of the remaining BruxZir restorations.

Delivery of the surrounding BruxZir Esthetic restorations went smoothly and left the patient with a brilliant and balanced smile that made a strong positive impact on his overall appearance, just as he had hoped.

The patient, who works as a glassblower in his own neon sign shop, has seen his life change in many positive ways as a result of his restorations. Trying to blow glass with a partial denture is no longer a struggle he faces.