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Common Causes of Broken Dentures and Same Day Solutions for Damage

Unfortunately, accidents can happen and broken or ill-fitting dentures are an inconvenience. Without dentures, the ability to chew, swallow, or eat properly could be compromised or require emergency care. At Three Rivers Dental Group we provide one-day dentures, same-day dental solutions for dentures needing adjustments or a minor fix, and perfect custom-fit replacements for severely damaged dentures. Learn more about the common causes of broken dentures and what to do when they break.

Assess the Damage

Never fix dentures on your own, as this can create further damage. Instead, review the damage, assess the problems the dentures have, and answer these questions:

  • Is the pink acrylic chipped or scratched?
  • Is there a break in one or more of the teeth attached?
  • Has the denture plate broken into pieces?
  • If you have a partial, did the metal clasp break?
  • Are your dentures slipping or not fitting properly and irritating the mouth or gums?
  • Have you noticed cleaning issues?
  • Are you having difficulty eating or speaking with dentures in the mouth?

A good understanding of the condition of the denture and how it has affected your mouth will help your dentist and the Patient Service Coordinator scheduling your visit get a better understanding of the type of denture repair and dental appointment needed.

Schedule An Appointment

If dentures have been damaged, or if you are experiencing any issues with how they fit, call (1) 855 4 NO FEARS as soon as possible to schedule an appointment or an emergency dental care visit to have your mouth and dentures checked and repaired properly. Communicate to the Patient Service Representative coordinating your appointment where dentures need repair. Based on the age and severity of the damage, your dental team will assess the denture repair needs to determine if they can be temporarily fixed until your appointment, or if you require emergency dental care, a same-day denture fix, or full denture replacement.

Before heading to the dentist collect any broken pieces, including wiring. If the clasps have loosened, apply dental wax to the wire to create a temporary barrier between the gums, reducing irritation. If damage has occurred while dentures are in the mouth, remove them immediately and soak in a travel case with a denture solution for transportation to the dental office for your appointment. Wearing damaged dentures can cause mouth and gum irritation and even lead to gum disease or oral infection.

Denture Analysis and Recommendation

During the appointment, your dentist will examine your mouth and dentures. If the fit seems off, do not fret. New dentures commonly require adjustments during routine dental appointments. Damaged denture acrylic, in most cases, is a quick and easy repair as well. Even dentures with loose or missing teeth can have a new tooth added without much trouble. Your dentist will analyze the damage the denture has received and provide a recommended plan of action for a same-day denture fix, a more time-consuming repair, or a complete replacement. If an extraction is necessary, temporary or immediate one-day dentures will be offered to wear during the healing period while the permanent dentures or partials are made. While waiting for a denture to be repaired or replaced, changes in food texture, including foods that do not require much chewing and dietary supplement drinks, may be necessary to maintain proper nutrition.

Denture Replacement Process

Wear and tear over time is a common factor in denture replacement. Constant chewing, grinding, and pressure can cause older dentures to crack, and teeth to loosen or fall out of the denture completely. Very hot or cold foods, hard textures, and acids found in food and beverages can also wear down dentures to the point of requiring replacement. If a replacement is deemed necessary, a series of impressions and measurements of the jaw will be taken for a perfect fit denture replacement. Your dental team will check the denture model in the mouth for color, shape, and fit.

Regular dental checkups are always the best defense against dental issues, even when you have dentures. Three Rivers Dental Group is the proud provider of Comfy Fit Premium, Flexi Fit Partial Dentures, and Snap Fit Dentures. We offer 8 styles of full and partial dentures to assure you a wide range of comfortable and affordable one-day denture options. If dentures are broken or not fitting just right, call Three Rivers Dental Group at 1-855-NO-FEARS or schedule an appointment online to have the condition of your mouth and dentures checked. We are conveniently located throughout the Pittsburgh area in Greentree, Cranberry, Greensburg, and Jennerstown.