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Defeat Dentophobia with No Fear Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of visiting the dentist sound distressing? You’re not alone. Fear of the dentist tops the reasons why many people delay necessary dental care or oral health treatments. At Three Rivers Dental Group we’re here to help every patient concerned with feeling pain, a loss of control, or dental embarrassment to overcome dental fear. Learn more about our sedation dentistry options for less stress and more comfort during dental visits.

Consequences of Dental Fear

While some patients experience a bit of pre-procedure anxiety, others may become completely overwhelmed with fear of an oral procedure, triggered by the sights, sounds, and smells of a dentist’s office. Fear leads people to put off dental visits that should be taken care of earlier, risking the possibility of more serious dental problems, including cracked or broken teeth, periodontitis, gum recession, or tooth extraction. Dentophobia generally stems from unpleasant dental experiences in the past and can grow with each additional visit, preventing patients from scheduling regular dental checkups and cleanings they need.

Defeating Dentophobia

We encourage every new Three Rivers Dental Group patient to complete the new patient form online prior to their appointment to give our dental professionals a sense of the dental fear or anxiety they may be experiencing, what oral health issues may be bothering them and how we can make the appointment a less stressful experience. This allows us to connect with and care for every patient based on their individual oral health needs. For some patients with extreme anxiety, heightened sensitivity, or pain, even during a regular dental exam and teeth cleaning, sedation dentistry offers the perfect solution for less stress and more comfort. Sedation helps patients relax during dental procedures, and it is used especially for patients experiencing dentophobia to help them defeat dental fear.

Sedation Dentistry Solutions

Patients who are good candidates for sedation dentistry will be offered options based on the type of appointment they have scheduled. Three Rivers Dental Group offers a variety of sedation dentistry techniques to make dental visits pleasant, comfortable and anxiety-free. Different levels of sedation from mild to moderate can be used depending on a patient’s needs. Before administering any sedative, our doctors will review your personal medical and dental history, and select the option best for you, including:

  • Oral Sedation: Offered in pill form for minimal anxiety and pain relief, usually taken one hour before a dental procedure. Dosage fluctuates based on the dental procedure being delivered. Some patients may feel drowsy or fall asleep with this sedation type.
  • Inhaled Minimal Sedation: Also known as laughing gas, inhaled minimal sedation helps dental patients relax. The calming effects of this sedation method wear off quickly following the dental procedure.
  • IV Moderate Sedation: A fast-acting intravenous sedation method with adjustable levels administered by a dentist to help patients relax.

Oral health is integral to overall health and well-being. Don’t let dental fear or anxiety keep you from receiving the dental care you need. Contact Three Rivers Dental today at 1-855-NO-FEARS or schedule an appointment on our website to learn more about sleep dentistry options. We are conveniently located throughout the Pittsburgh area in Cranberry, Greentree, Greensburg, and Jennerstown.