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Fun Ideas to Help Your Children Clean Their Teeth

Have you had a difficult time convincing your children to brush their teeth morning and night? Or maybe the struggle is with how long they need to brush for? Well with these few tips, brushing their teeth can be a fun and enjoyable process.

Buy an awesome toothbrush
Get your children excited about brushing by having them choose a fun toothbrush that they love. Remember that their teeth are sensitive, so be sure it has soft-bristles!

Play your child’s favorite song
We recommend that your children spend at least 2 minutes brushing their teeth both in the morning and at night! But sometimes that 2 minutes can go by so slowly, so make it fun! Play their favorite song to pass the time. Sing, dance, and brush with your children!

Use creativity and imagination
Excite your children’s imaginations and tell them all about the nasty bacteria sticking to their teeth. Give the bad guys a name and turn your children into superheroes! Have them fight off the nasty bacteria with their toothpaste morning and night. Even get them to floss to make sure all the bad guys are gone. Maybe even throw in a cape for fun!

The best advice from Three Rivers Dental is to have fun and be thorough in brushing! Always supervise and make it less of a task and more of a game. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 1-855-466-3327.