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Three Types of Dental Sedation

Three Rivers Dental Group offers a variety of sedation methods to help you relax during treatment. This includes oral sedation, inhaled minimal sedation, and IV moderate sedation.

Oral Sedation – This type of sedation is for minimal relief and is done by taking a pill. Depending on the work you are being treated for you can either receive a low to a higher dosage. This pill is usually taken an hour before the procedure,  you will still be awake after you take this pill but you will be feeling drowsy. Some people begin to feel groggy and sometimes even fall asleep on this type of sedation. With a gentle shake, people can be woken up.

Inhaled Minimal Sedation – Otherwise known as laughing gas, this type of sedation helps you relax. The dentist can also control how much sedation you receive. Since the gas tends to wear off quickly, this is the only sedation where you may be able to drive yourself home after the procedure.

IV Moderate Sedation – Since this type of sedation is injected into your vein, it acts quickly to help you relax. During this treatment, your dentist is able to continually adjust the level.

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