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3 Health Benefits of Confident Smiles

Dental health and happiness are important to us at Three Rivers Dental Group. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering healthy, confident smiles. Dental care plays an important role in healthy smiles that look great, offering feel-good benefits of less stress, improved mood, and overall happiness. Here are three healthy reasons to start smiling today with improved dental health.

1. Smiling Fights Dental Stress

Combat dental stress with the simple act of smiling. According to Verywell Mind, smiling not only helps to prevent us from looking tired, worn down, and overwhelmed, it can actually help decrease stress. Smiles allow the brain to release tiny molecules called neuropeptides to help fight off stress, and according to studies on the matter, facilitates stress recovery and eases the mind.

At Three Rivers Dental Group our friendly dental professionals aim to eliminate stress and maximize patient comfort for no fear dental appointments. Sedation dentistry services are available to patients for comfortable, stress-free dental visits patients can smile about. Nervous or anxious patients worried about time-intensive dental treatments, dentistry expenses or possible pain can rest assured pain-free dental treatment and affordable dentistry payment options are available. Different levels of sedation from mild to moderate can be used depending on the patient’s needs. Before administering any sedative, our doctors will review a patient’s personal medical and dental history to select the best sedation dentistry option.

Do not allow fear to compromise oral health care. The simple practice of smiling, along with actively engaging in mindfulness of teeth grinding or jaw clenching habits, and making a conscious, intentional choice to stop, can have a significant impact on oral health, ease anxiety, reduce stress, and boost feelings of happiness and optimism. From routine exams, deep cleaning services, crown or denture fittings, and dental implants, to deeper stress-related oral health issues including bruxism (teeth grinding), TMD (jaw joint pain or popping and clicking of the jaw), or periodontal disease, patients can confidently restore their smiles at Three Rivers Dental Group with less stress.

2. Smiling Boosts Mood and Happiness

If a healthy mouth isn’t reason enough to smile, Better by Today reports smiles spur a powerful chemical reaction in the brain, boosting mood and making us feel happier. Science has shown that the mere act of smiling, even when forced, can lift mood, lower stress, boost the immune system and possibly even prolong life. In fact, psychology studies on the matter report facial expressions can impact our feelings. The benefits of smiling aren’t only limited to ourselves. When we smile, our brain’s reward center is activated, making us feel better, and in turn, people who catch a glimpse of our smile can also be positively affected by happiness. A study on the matter suggests we just can’t help but react with a smile of our own when we see someone else smiling. Get off on the right foot with oral health and into an improved daily dental hygiene routine with regular professional dental cleanings to remove plaque or tartar buildup and prevent gum disease for healthy teeth and gums.

3. Confident Smiles Look Great

Start smiling with confidence. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing are essential steps for improved oral hygiene. Flossing fights gum disease, creates confident smiles, and prevents periodontitis to protect heart and respiratory health. Oral hygiene and care for dentures and dental implants are equally important for daily oral health care.

Regular dental exams are recommended every six months for healthy teeth and gums. Professional deep cleanings, scaling, polishing to remove plaque and professional whitening treatments are also available to keep smiles healthy and bright. Patients at risk for dental disease, including pregnant women, adults who frequently take medications that dry the mouth, smokers, and diabetics may need to see the dentist more frequently to prevent or address dental issues including gum disease, cavities, or plaque build-up.

Take action to improve overall oral health. Start smiling today by scheduling your next dental appointment at Three Rivers Dental Group. We deliver confident smiles through a complete range of dental services, convenient hours, multiple locations, and affordable fees. We urge patients who have postponed their regular oral health checkups and cleanings to contact us at (1) 855-4-NO-FEARS or request a dental appointment online for fast, convenient dentistry services. We are conveniently located throughout the Pittsburgh area in Cranberry, Greentree, Greensburg, and Jennerstown.