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A Salute To Sergeant Terry “Wes” Walker

Three Rivers Dental would like to salute our service members this Veterans Day.  We recognize the sacrifices made by our Veterans and wanted a way to “Give Back.”

We came up with the “Soldiers Smile Project” as a way to help Veterans and show our appreciation. Area Veterans and their families submitted their stories and three veterans were chosen for free dental treatment. We’d like to introduce our three “Soldiers Smile Project” Veterans and share their stories with you.

Terry Walker was in Tactical Air Command in Regular Air Force. After Terry served, he was happy to learn about the Three Rivers Dental, Soldier Smile Project. Terry lost his self-confidence and Three Rivers Dental helped him get his smile back!

Terry “Wes” Walker enlisted in the Air Force when he was 17 years old in 1973, and was stationed at Eglin, AFB. Ft. Walton Beach, FL. He later was promoted to Sergeant, then was deployed to Misawa, AFB in northern Japan at an auxiliary base where he was support personnel.

After moving to the Pittsburgh area in 2013 looking to have a knee replacement, the surgery could not be done since his teeth were in such poor condition. Wes hadn’t seen a dentist in 30 years. Wes saw a commercial about Three Rivers Dental’s “Soldier’s Smile Project,” and was selected for treatment.

As part of his treatment, Wes had major dental reconstruction with dentures, coloration, and some teeth removal. When he woke up, he wasn’t in any pain and felt that Three River’s Dental gave him back his smile and self-confidence. Wes said the whole staff was cordial, kind, respectful and professional. After his Three River’s Dental experience, he said he felt like family.

Three Rivers Dental takes pride in providing exceptional care to those who serve our country. To learn more about our veteran’s’ experiences, read blog posts from Sgt Lochinski and Dan Stephen of the Soldiers Smile Project.