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A Salute to Sergeant Tom Lochinski

Three Rivers Dental would like to salute our service members this Veterans Day.  We recognize the sacrifices made by our Veterans and wanted a way to “Give Back.”

We came up with the “Soldiers Smile Project” as a way to help Veterans and show our appreciation. Area Veterans and their families submitted their stories and three veterans were chosen for free dental treatment.

We’d like to introduce our three “Soldiers Smile Project” Veterans and share their stories with you.

Tom Lochinski saw a TV commercial for Three Rivers Dental’s “Soldiers Smile Project”.  He applied online and was selected for treatment.

Sergeant Tom Lochinski served in the US army for 6 years. He was deployed to Iraq as a combat engineer where he conducted route clearance operations. This included deactivating land mines and other obstacles hidden on the roads.

An IED (Improvised Explosive Device) went off during one of these operations, causing damage to Tom’s teeth as he was ejected from the vehicle.  Three Rivers Dental was able to repair the chipped teeth that were never treated in the field. Being selected for the Three Rivers Dental SSP in Greensburg gave Sergeant Tom his smile back.

Three RiversDental takes pride in providing exceptional care to those who serve our country. To learn more about our veteran’s’ experiences, read blog posts from Corporal Dan Stephen and Terry “Wes” Walker of the Soldiers Smile Project.