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Experience Stress-Free Dental Treatment with Sedation Dentistry

Anxious about an upcoming dental appointment? Rest assured you’re not alone. Patients often avoid scheduling regular dental checkups due to dental fear and anxiety. At Three Rivers Dental, our experienced staff is trained to ensure each patient’s unique needs are addressed. We provide a relaxing, stress-free environment with a variety of soothing sedation dentistry options for the best dental care.

Dental fear can be a major roadblock when it comes to receiving regular dental care. According to a recent article posted by the Association of Health Care Journalists, dental fear is a contributing factor to poor oral health. This fear can often lead to the deterioration of dental health, tooth damage or infection. Statistics show that approximately 50% of Americans suffer from some form of fear or anxiety when it comes to dental procedures, stemming from previous dental experiences including:

•   Sights, sounds and smells of a dental office
•   Painful or negative dental procedures
•   Loss of control and/or helplessness associated with being in a dental office
•   Feeling of embarrassment regarding neglect of dental health
•   Fear of ridicule from neglecting dental health

At Three Rivers Dental Group, our caring team of experienced dentists, hygienists, anesthesiologists and support staff provide a comforting experience to help patients overcome dental anxiety. We offer a variety of sedation dentistry options, from mild to moderate, to make every patient’s visit painless, pleasant and stress-free. Types of sedation include oral sedation, inhaled minimal sedation (typically nitrous oxide), and IV moderate sedation. Before administering any sedative, our doctors will review your personal medical and dental history to select the option best for you. 

For nearly 40 years Three Rivers Dental has focused on helping patients overcome dental anxiety. Our friendly Three Rivers Dental Group staff is here to help answer any questions you may have regarding completing your health questionnaire or submitting necessary insurance forms. We are happy to address any concerns you may have regarding the best dental treatment for your needs and offer many financing options to make exceptional dental care affordable. Each of our dental offices are using best practices to ensure both staff and patient safety. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about sedation dentistry and what sedation type is right for you. We have the answers. Call 1 (855) 4 NO FEARS or request an appointment on our website. We are conveniently located throughout the Pittsburgh area in Greentree, Cranberry, Greensburg and Jennerstown.