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Myth Busters About Sedation Dentistry

More than 50% of Americans skip the dentist every year due to fear or anxiety. Three Rivers Dental Group understands some patients are uneasy about dental procedures. For nearly 40 years we have focused on helping patients overcome their anxiety and get the dental care they need. In fact, we busted those scary sedation dentistry myths to put patients at ease.

Inhalation Sedation at Clinic

MYTH: Being Sedated is Dangerous

Dental sedation is not dangerous or damaging to patients in good health. The dentists and Anesthesia team are trained in accordance with American Dental Association standards and always put patient health and well-being first. Before recommending sedation dentistry, our dentists carefully review your health and medical history, and if needed will consult with your primary care physician or specialist for medical clearance.

MYTH: There’s Only One Kind of Sedation

Three Rivers Dental offers three types of sedation. The first is oral sedation, administered as a pill to relax a patient. Some people begin to feel groggy and sometimes even fall asleep with this type of sedation. Dosage is adjusted based on procedure type. Next is inhaled minimal sedation, also known as laughing gas. This method wears off quickly and is the only sedation method that allows you to possibly drive following a procedure. Then there’s IV moderate sedation, an injection that sedates quickly and allows for dosage adjustments throughout the procedure.

MYTH: Sedation is for Serious Procedures Only

Sedation helps patients breathe easier and relax during dental procedures. Methods of delivery can be adjusted based on the intensity of the procedure. Sedation is possible for patients with extreme anxiety or heightened sensitivity or pain, even during regular teeth cleaning

Now you know sedation dentistry is a safe and effective practice, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have about it. Contact us today to discuss the dental care you need!