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No Fear Dentistry Solutions to Manage Tooth and Jaw Pain

Choosing a dental care provider is an important and often critical choice, particularly if a patient is experiencing tooth and jaw pain. We offer a complete range of dentistry services and are committed to offering the finest oral health care possible in a soothing environment. Learn more about our treatment plans available to manage tooth and jaw pain and how our anxiety-free sensory options and sedation dentistry solutions ensure our patients are completely comfortable.

Common Causes of Tooth and Jaw Pain

Nerve damage and infection are the most common culprits of tooth and jaw pain aside from muscular pain conditions including muscle-related TMD (also known as TMJ after the temporomandibular joint) and myofascial temporomandibular disorder (mTMD) affecting the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. For muscular pain conditions, Dental News Today reports patients often use a variety of treatment measures including oral appliances such as splints and bite guards, pain medications including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and jaw exercises and warm compresses as self-care techniques. When it comes to toothache pain, the Cleveland Clinic points to several dental factors, including tooth decay, abscess, tooth fracture or break, damaged fillings or infected gums which make pulp nerves inside teeth extremely sensitive to severe pain when irritated or infected by oral bacteria.

Determining the Source of Pain

Tooth sensitivity and pain is not always easy to detect. During a visible dental examination a dental dye may be applied to sensitive teeth to cracks, chips or fractures in teeth. The gum tissue and gum line will also be checked for signs of inflammation as well as a patient’s bite to pinpoint the area of pain. Following a visible examination, an ICAT scan may be administered to evaluate the pulp of the affected teeth and identify the deeper cause of tooth pain and sensitivity.

ICAT Scans in Dentistry

Three Rivers Dental Group delivers the best dental service using ICAT scan technology to improve the diagnosis of oral health issues. ICAT scans are a new standard for 21st century dentistry, providing three-dimensional images using computer-assisted tomography or CAT scan technology. A full mouth imaging ICAT scan typically takes 20 to 40 seconds for a 360-degree rotation, and less than 10 seconds for scanning a specific area. The process is painless, quick and easy on patients and helps dental professionals quickly pinpoint the source of tooth and jaw pain.

Treatment Options for Tooth and Jaw Pain

Oral pain or sensitivity can often be alleviated with pain relief tips. Gently floss between the sore tooth to remove any lodged food debris or particles. Follow by gently rinsing with a warm saltwater solution to ease oral discomfort and heal the affected area. For those experiencing gum pain, rinsing with a mouthwash containing alcohol or chlorhexidine can kill excess bacteria and prevent future plaque build-up. Professional dental treatment is recommended to resolve more serious toothache and jaw pain unable to be managed through a facial pain treatment plan. Contact your dentist immediately for an oral health evaluation if experiencing sharp, constant jaw throbbing, excessive swelling in the gums or the gum tissue surrounding a tooth, or if a noticeable foul mouth odor or taste is present.

Sedation Dentistry Solutions

More than 50% of Americans do not visit the dentist because they are fearful or suffer from dental anxiety. We aim to empower patients by allowing them to relax and comfortably experience a dental visit. Three Rivers Dental Group offers a variety of sedation dentistry techniques to make dental visits pleasant and anxiety-free. Patients with extreme anxiety or heightened sensitivity or pain, even during regular teeth cleaning, are good candidates for sedation dentistry. Before administering any sedative, we will review your personal medical and dental history, and select the option best for you. Learn more about what to expect and our extensive experience in sedation dentistry, helping patients to relax before, during, and following dental treatment.

We are committed to treating and managing dental pain and returning every patient to great dental health. Any patient experiencing dental pain following an oral treatment is encouraged to contact us immediately at 1-855-NO FEARS or request an appointment online. We are conveniently located throughout the Pittsburgh area in Cranberry, Greentree, Greensburg, and Jennerstown.