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Teeth Whitening and Dental Treatments for Healthy and Bright Smiles

Enhance your smile and get teeth shades whiter in just minutes with a professional teeth whitening treatment at Three Rivers Dental Group. Our safe and effective dentist-recommended teeth whitening treatment is painless, enamel safe, and provides long-lasting results. Learn more about teeth whitening and other dental treatments available to remove plaque and stains for healthy and bright smiles.

Eliminate Stains and Bad Habits

Each time a stain-causing food or drink is consumed, plaque bacteria deposits absorb onto teeth, forming a rough surface on enamel causing discoloration. Professional cleaning, scaling, or polishing can remove plaque and eliminate stains sticking to teeth. Coffee, tea, and wine consumption, along with chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes, and even vaping are the biggest culprits of teeth stains. Smoking causes oral health issues including bad breath, inflammation of gums and salivary glands, oral cancer, gum disease, increased plaque buildup, oral discomfort, and inadequate healing of treated areas following dental procedures. To prevent the risk of surface stains from starting, limit or eliminate smoking and your intake of stain-causing foods and beverages. Strengthen teeth and improve overall oral health with consistent brushing of both the teeth and tongue at least twice daily, flossing at least once per day, and rinsing with an antiseptic or ADA-approved mouthwash. Stains also affect dentures. Soaking, brushing, and rinsing is a recommended best daily care practice.

Brighten Smiles

Restore natural color and get dazzling white teeth with professional whitening treatment. We offer affordable teeth whitening to combat surface stains, prevent yellowing, and lighten teeth up to 4 shades in just 5 minutes. Our enamel-safe teeth whitening solutions are safe and effective for patients with sensitive and non-sensitive teeth, providing long-lasting results for healthy and bright smiles.

Boost Oral Health

Tooth spots, discoloration, and stains are common. Healthline reports common staging types including extrinsic, intrinsic, and age-related. Extrinsic stains affect the porous enamel layer of teeth and are typically diet or lifestyle-related, while intrinsic stains within teeth can be caused by tooth decay or oral trauma. Age-related discoloration can be caused by both extrinsic and intrinsic factors wearing away the enamel on teeth. The best defense against staining is sticking to a daily oral health care routine for radiant teeth and seeing your dentist regularly for professional exams, dental cleaning, and a dental treatment plan tailored to your unique dental care needs. Some products may cause tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, and for dental implant or denture wearers, can cause scratching and abrasive discoloration. Before trying any teeth whitening products, contact our dental care team to discuss dental whitening treatments and daily dental hygiene products tailored to your unique oral health needs.

Brighten your smile and eliminate stains sticking to teeth. Contact us at 1-855-NO FEARS or request an appointment online to schedule regular exams, professional cleanings, scaling or polishing to remove plaque and learn more about our professional whitening and dental treatments for healthy and bright smiles. We are conveniently located throughout the Pittsburgh area in Cranberry, Greentree, Greensburg, and Jennerstown.